The Harrison Sunflower Festival is BC’s first Sunflower Festival, and we’re over half way through our fourth season!

We have acres and acres of stunning Sunflowers, Dahlias and Gladiolas in bloom. With 42 varieties of Sunflowers this year, you’ll find them spread amongst our display gardens, in our main fields of Sunrich Orange, and the American Giants have their own special place located at the end of the field. You’ll find pops of colour spread about with our 50+ varieties of Dahlias and 8 varieties of Gladiolas this season!

Don’t forget to stop into The Farm Shop to grab some fresh Harrison corn, a souvenir, cold refreshments, potted and cut Sunflowers, Sunflower seeds (for planting), and Tulip, Daffodil and Hyacinth bulbs to plant in your own garden – a special way to bring our sister festival, the Harrison Tulip Festival, home with you!

Now that we’re moving into late summer, our hours of operation have change slightly! Seven days a week, our last hour to purchase tickets for is 6:00pm and guests must be off the fields by 7:30pm. Sunset arrives bit earlier where we’re located, as it hides behind the mountains.

If you haven’t visited just yet, or you’ve joined us in the fields already this year, be sure to snag tickets below before the season ends on September 6th! We’re always happy to have you!

See you in the Sunflowers!