November might be here, but we can’t help but dream of sunny and warm weather among our Sunflowers’ golden fields. This year, we were lucky enough to have a couple of in-house (or should we say in-field!) photographers to capture all of your special moments. Meet Janessa from Janessa Alicia Studios! We met up with Janessa and talked about a few of her favourite experiences, memories, and areas in the garden from this past season.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hey, I’m Nessa! Aka that girl who’s always behind the camera, hyping you up while you run through a field (this case a sunflower field), making your kiddos real smiles come to life and being there to help you with all the poses. 

I’m a lover of all things golden light and small moments (with a dash of iced coffee of course) -which means I’m here to notice the small, candid details and capture them for you. 

I love meeting new friends and getting to know stories – plus I love letting you know how dang good your outfit looks.

What was your favourite prop in the field to capture photos?

My favourite prop that I used with my clients at the festival were definitely the swings! They allowed for so much movement and laughs! I would get siblings to push each other on them, parents to join in and it never failed to give sweet photos and smiles!

Do you have a favourite memory while taking photos with the families?

I think my favourite memory in general was seeing how excited the little kiddos were to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers! It was always so neat to see them reaching to them, or smile big at them! They alone added so much to the sessions!

Lastly, what was your favourite part of the garden to take photos in?

I think the Sunrich Sunflowers were my favourite to shoot in! They were usually as tall as my clients, making them a perfect combo! They were also always so bright and made the photos really stand out!

Check out some of Janessa’s dreamy photos she captured below.

We are already so excited for next season, and busy planning to give you the best Sunflower experience. While we all patiently wait for the summer to roll around again, make sure to contact Janessa to continue capturing you and your family’s special candid moments.

Stay tuned for our next photographer feature coming soon!