The warm weather that we’re having now is bringing our sunflowers to life!

We’ve had a cooler and wetter summer than last year, which delayed the blooming of some of our sunflowers. As we have multiple planting phases to ensure we have a plethora of flowers blooming throughout the entire remaining length of our festival, we’re excited to show that within 7-10 days, you’ll have a heightened experience with a range of varieties to wander through!

For the first week we have many Sunflowers that have opened up with several different variations already showing their faces! Most of the colour can be found in area 6, 7a, and in some areas of 5 (scroll to see our map).

Our Dahlia fields are popping with colour and are, without a doubt, a highlight of our opening weekend! The Hop fields are also prime and ready for you to roam.