The Harrison Sunflower Festival is gearing up for our 2019 festival and we’re excited to announce some exciting additions we are preparing for our visitors.

This year we will be adding a massive field with 48 varieties of … wait for it… DAHLIAS! This giant display of colour will create a whole new attraction to our festival.  Why Dahlias? … Have you seen them? Stroll down paths between the massive rows of these spectacular flowers and enjoy our photo-ops along the way.

Our fields of Giant Mammoth Sunflowers is doubling in size so we can have two bloom phases! Visitors will get to experience two full blooms of our Giant Mammoths to always experience them in their prime for the entire festival! These Giant Mammoths can reach over 12ft tall, and we have all sorts of trails and paths through them with hidden gems like our swings and viewing platforms to be found inside.

Photo Credits: Rachel Barkman

Photo Credits: Rachel Barkman

Our fields and paths of Sunrich Orange were a huge hit in 2018 and they will back in action for the festival in three phases this year for all to enjoy for the entire festival! Fun fact, like many variations in our show garden, the Sunrich Orange variety slowly changes direction to face the sun all day from sunrise to sunset! Timelapse anyone? 

Photo Credits Blrrd Creative

Photo Credits Blrrd Creativ

Also returning this year is our show garden with even more varieties than ever of speciality sunflowers displayed in beautiful arrangements and layouts.

Another popular attraction returning to our fields is the U-pick sunflowers! Grab the perfect prop for your photo moments and to bring home for display on the dinner table!

In total visitors will see more than 25 varieties of sunflowers at our festival this year! 

Famous Harrison Corn will be apart the festival this year with u-pick-corn fields open to the public throughout the festival.

Last but not least… Returning to the festival is our picturesque towering rows of hops for you to roam.

The Harrison Sunflower Festival is set to open on August 1st and remain open daily until September 15th.
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