Cover 📸 credits: Rachel Barkman

This weekend is the final weekend to enjoy the Harrison Sunflower Fest, here is what will be happening:

  • Our 1.5 acres of Sunrich Orange is in full bloom! Discover hidden displays while you wander the curvy rows of these brilliantly coloured Sunflowers.

Photo credits: @tickaticka

  • The 1 acre show garden that displays 15 different varieties will be coming into full bloom as well. Did you know there is a Sunflower called a Lemon Eclair? And a Teddy Bear Sunflower? There are even miniature varieties, the perfect size for the little ones in your life to admire. Come find a new favourite!
  • Get lost among the 3 acres of giant Mammoth Sunflowers, they are in their late bloom cycle. The rows have turned into an exotic jungle full of flowers that are bowing out for the season. Some of our more adventurous guests have found the rows very enchanting.
  • Due to cooler weather that Fall has brought (along with later sunrises), this weekend we will not be offering sunrise openings.  We thank you for understanding.

Photo credits: @rileyfaithgawat

  • Play one of our many farm yard giant board games, you haven’t played checkers until you have played giant checkers with PUMPKINS!
  • The Rotary Train will not be running this weekend, we would like to thank the Rotary for volunteering their time to bring a little extra charm to our fields.
  • Enjoy a variety of treats from one of our food trucks this weekend. We will have a combo of Big Red Poutine, Dutchilicious, ShakeNCheese, Sto:lo Bannock, or Roasted Revolution here over the weekend. We also carry a variety of drinks and treats for you to enjoy in our Festival Store.
  • The U-pick is now closed for the season, it was such a big hit! We would like to thank everyone for participating. Still want some Sunflowers of your own? Do not worry, our Festival Store will be fully stocked with cut Sunflowers from our greenhouses this weekend so you can take home a little bit of sunshine.
  • The Hops are in full bloom and will soon be ready to harvest. The rows of Hops plants, the patch of Corn, and the Barley field are all great spaces to take creative photos for your Instagram feed or family photo album.
  • We would like to remind everyone to wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear, the Harrison Sunflower Fest is an outdoor festival on a working farm and the ground is a little wet from the dew and rain overnight. If you do not have waterproof shoes or boots, we carry boot covers at the gate for a fee.
  • Our festival is dog friendly! Come bring you pal out for an adventure and take a photo of them next to some of our smaller varieties, such as the Dwarf Sunspots!
  • If they weather is agreeable, we welcome our guests to enjoy the sunset with us each night. You must be here before 7PM! Our gates, food trucks, festival store and all other festival activities all close at 7PM as well.

We hope to see you on our last weekend!
The Onos Family & the Harrison Sunflower Fest.